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2 weeks ago

Victim of Fatal Stabbing Identified

24-year-old Emmaline Osborne allegedly stabbed 22-year-old Amanda Kern.

5-11-16 Econoimc Development Commission

2 weeks ago

Economic Development Commission Updated on Y Block Proposals

What is next for the proposed development of the area including the former YWCA building near the Governor's Mansion?

Wanted Poster Pendleton

2 weeks ago

$10K Reward for Man Who Shot Mahomet Police Officer

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a man wanted for shooting a police officer.

greg harris

2 weeks ago

Another Stopgap

$700M in sweeps


2 weeks ago

Newest Peorian Can Stick Her Neck Out

Meet Emy the giraffe


2 weeks ago

Plans for Big Wheel

Navy Pier gets new Ferris wheel


2 weeks ago

Update on Mahomet Shooting

Police: Suspect has shaved and cut his hair


2 weeks ago

McLean County Celebrates Lincoln

He spent much time in Bloomington

Generic WTAX

2 weeks ago


More Illinoisans move to Arizona

police lights

2 weeks ago

O’Hare Jumper Hurt

Police chased him Tuesday

lisa madigan

2 weeks ago

Gas Company, AG’s Office Settle

$18.5M deal with Peoples Gas

school house clip art

2 weeks ago

School Chiefs: Time Is Running Out

Call for budget

school clip art

2 weeks ago

Extracurriculars on Chopping Block in Peoria

State budget uncertainty is blamed


2 weeks ago

Doctor Forfeits License

Cheap cancer drugs are the reason


2 weeks ago

Black Hawk Conflict

New contractor needed

4-1-15 Pillsbury

2 weeks ago

Federal Indictment for Man Involved in Pillsbury Mills Demo Work

A partner in the destruction of the former Pillsbury Mills site will be arraigned June Seventh for allegedly lying about the removal of asbestos at the long-shuttered plant.


2 weeks ago

City Council Debates Gift to New Golf Tournament

The Springfield City Council is being asked to give money to help promote the new PGA Tour web.com tour event coming to town in July.


2 weeks ago

School Formula Bill Passes Senate, Barely

Deigns to fund based on need

5-10-16 Educator of the Year

2 weeks ago

Lincoln Magnet Teacher Named “Educator of the Year”

Layne Zimmers is a World History teacher at Lincoln Magnet.

5-10-16 UIS Lincoln Statue 1

2 weeks ago

UIS Unveils Lincoln Statue

Abe Lincoln as "The Young Lawyer"

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