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Collectors Get Involved with Illinois Counties

Taylorville company contracts with almost half the state's counties


Who Wants to Be a State Rep?

Springfield-area statehouse seat open, as Poe goes to Ag


A Call for a Senator to Take a Stand

Dems urge Kirk to allow Clean Power Plan to go through


Nearly Half of Illinois Households Drop Landline Phone

When the phone rings, it's likely as not going to be a cell phone.


4th St. Marine Bank Robbed at Gunpoint

Police are investigating a downtown bank robbery.


Gov. Rauner: Illinois to Stop Accepting Syrian Refugees

Gov. Bruce Rauner says Illinois will temporarily stop accepting new Syrian refugees.


Five Sent to Springfield Hospitals for Weekend Stab Wounds

Springfield Police say they're investigating two sets of stabbings that appeared to be beef between two rival gangs.


UIS Uses Crowdfunding to Kick Start Hepatitis C Research

Professors at the University of Illinois Springfield don’t want research to slow down because of the state budget impasse


Illinois Students of For-Profit Schools to Get Debt Relief

About 2,700 Illinois students of for-profit schools will receive about $3 million in debt relief

Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington

Progress on Obama Library

What will it look like? Who will design it?

cigarette butt

Reaction to Class Action Tobacco Case in Illinois Supreme Court

"Light" and "low tar" cigarettes were marketed as less dangerous


UI Study: Diet Pop Strategy Backfires

Dieters may feel like pigging out, since they're drinking diet pop

Ag Drone

SIU Ag Students Learn about Drones

They're here to stay

icpr logo

Lobbying Is Big Business in Illinois

ICPR: It comes with a new administration


Congressman Bypasses Colleague in Endorsement

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis picks Andrea Zopp for Senate

solar power

Construction of Carbondale Solar-Energy Field Stalled

A solar-powered energy station in Carbondale is on hold while the developer waits on potential state help.

Dick Durbin

Durbin For Closure of GITMO but Wants to See Why President Would Use Executive Order

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin supports closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, but wants to see the legal rationale for President Obama doing so without going through Congress.

il budget 2016

Madigan Can’t Attend Budget Summit, Rauner Postpones It

Meeting postponed until December 1; Madigan to attend a family funeral this week.

ken dunkin

Dunkin Unapologetic About Serving Constituents

Dunkin could find himself a pariah in the House Democratic caucus, as his decision not to cast votes on two social service bills Democrats found crucial this week kept those bills from passing the House.

data breach

Illinois Department of Insurance Discloses Privacy Breach

The Illinois Department of Insurance disclosed the privacy breach Friday in a news release.

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