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4 weeks ago

Springfield Clinic Joins Healthcare Alliance

The Springfield Clinic is joining Memorial Health System and Southern Illinois University Healthcare, as the third partner in the Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance (MHQA).

Passavant Robot

4 weeks ago

Jacksonville Hospital Uses New Cleaning “Robot”

Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville has added a new member to it's team, but there's something a little different about this member: it's not a human.


4 weeks ago

DCFS Turnaround Is Slow

New director: "On its best day, the state is not a good parent."


4 weeks ago

Keeping Kids Safe

New report shows room for improvement on product recalls

Illinois Chamber of Commerce

4 weeks ago

State Tries to Up its Game in World Trade

State chamber official is back from Washington

medical marijuana

4 weeks ago

Bill Seeks Warning Labels on Illinois Medical Pot Products

Medical marijuana products in Illinois would be required to carry warning labels about possible side effects.

tax money clipart

4 weeks ago

Consumer Research Group Finds Illinois Less Reliant on Federal Money

WalletHub says Illinois ranks 45th among all the states when it comes to federal funds going back to states.


4 weeks ago

Illinois Lawmaker: State-Owned Vehicles Should Come Off Road

Rep. Bill Mitchell says Illinois should pull state-owned vehicles off the road during its budget stalemate unless money is appropriated to self-insure them.

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