Blood Center Opens New Lab, Administrative Center

Blood Center Opens New Lab, Administrative Center

Photo: Newsradio WTAX

The Central Illinois Community Blood Center has a new laboratory and administration building on the south end of the city.

After cutting the ribbon Wednesday, CEO David Parsons says the facility at Stanford and 10th Streets will make  operations more efficient by giving employees more elbow room.

“We can now perform the functions for the Blood Center in a much better space, a much bigger space.  We’ve given our staff some class areas to work in’” says Parsons.  When talking about the current blood donor facility, Parsons says there are no immediate plans.  “We are undecided. Are we going to remodel or perhaps relocate it somewhere else?”

Blood donations will still take place at its facility on South 7th Street.  The Blood Center serves 14 hospitals throughout central Illinois.

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