Fire Protection Contracts Approved

Fire Protection Contracts Approved

Photo: Newsradio WTAX

Springfield Ward 7 alderman Joe McMenamin says he is not opposed to helping out neighboring towns with fire protection, but says the city council is being blind-sided with a new contract.

“We weren’t given a copy of the contract,” says McMenamin.¬† “It appears somethings are getting swept under the rug.”

The Springfield Fire Department has been providing coverage in the Lake Springfield, Southlawn, Woodside, Southside and South Oak Knolls districts for the last three years without a contract but has been getting reimbursed¬†a little more than 500-thousand dollars a year. The contracts were approved at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Fire Chief Ken Fustin says the city will also seek to negotiate inspections into the contracts…..this coming after a fire at an auto shop in Jerome resulted in an oil spill from improperly stored materials.

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