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Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

Ghost Singles

Dead but not dead?  Try Ghost Singles dating site!

Thursday, September 26, 201309/26/2013

Wilk Races Into Gateway!!

Good Luck to NHRA Funny Car Driver TIM WILKERSON @ Gateway this weekend. Wanna go see him??? Here’s all the…


Thursday, September 5, 201309/05/2013

Pristine Classic Car Auction!!!

A former car dealer in Pierce, Nebraska is selling over 500 cars this month…that’s he’s collected since 1946. At least…


Tuesday, September 3, 201309/03/2013

Bored at Work? Try this!

…BMX tricks …on a kiddie bike.  If you try, please send us video…. See the original attempt HERE.


Friday, August 16, 201308/16/2013

Words That Catch the Attention of the NSA

While a majority of Americans think it’s OK for the government to tap into our conversations, written and spoken, most…


Monday, August 12, 201308/12/2013

Are You A Neglected Middle Child? This Day is For YOU!

A Florida Man has invented “Middle Child Day” … to help the middle kids in us get over our feelings…

Friday, August 9, 201308/09/2013

Liz’s Top 10 REO/Styx/Head East Picks

Ray Lytle has his picks…well, I have mine!  I believe that one’s musical tastes are formed in the teenaged years…and…


Tuesday, July 2, 201307/02/2013

Best LPs of All Time…?

Entertainment Weekly says the Beatles’ REVOLVER was the BEST LP ever. Liz thinks it was Rush’s 2112. Jane Cochran votes…

Friday, May 31, 201305/31/2013

Amerijuana….New Names for American Pot

“…Land of the Free…Home of the Baked….”;”Mt. Kushmore”; “Red, White & Blunt” “Uncle Sensamilla”….Lynch & Liz are looking for the…


Tuesday, April 30, 201304/30/2013

Tequila Recipes!!

It’s not just for shots and hangovers….See a bunch of cool COOKING tips for tequila.

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Rock News

in Music

Conan O’Brien to honor late Beatle with ‘Harrison Week’


George Harrison's son Dhani will help honor his dad as part of "Harrison Week."

in Music

Lost documentary on The Doors set for DVD release


The 1968 documentary, shot by the group's official photographer, will be released this fall.

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Gene Simmons launching music reality show


The new show will pit bands against each other with Simmons deciding their fates.