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Liz’s Top 10 REO/Styx/Head East Picks

Ray Lytle has his picks…well, I have mine!  I believe that one’s musical tastes are formed in the teenaged years…and since Ray and I are not the same age….I got to go the better concerts!  REO Speedwagon/Head East was my first concert at the Pekin Arena with Reed in 1977.  We sat in the parking lot and watched the concert from his Ford Estate Wagon…because back in those days, they’d just lift the doors of the ice rink building.  That night, when we got ready to leave, Reed rolled the station wagon over the hood of someone’s car…and a cop came up….jumped up and down on the hood of that car to “unstick” us.  He then waved a good-bye…didn’t check the inside of the car…or the dilation of our pupils.  Oh, how times have changed.  Anyhoo…here’s my list:
10.  Jefftown Creek – Head East

9.  Sing for the Day – Styx

8.  Back on the Road Again -REO

7.  Get Up & Enjoy Yourself- Head East

6.  Son of  Poor Man – REO

5.  Snowblind – Styx

4.  Like You Do – REO

3.   Love Me Tonight – Head East

2.  Lorelei – Styx

1.  Golden Country – REO Speedwagon


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