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Monday, April 8, 201304/08/2013

Roger Ebert’s last movie review

Roger Ebert’s funeral was held today in Chicago. He was so talented and dedicated to his career. Check out Roger’s last movie review.

Friday, April 5, 201304/05/2013

Mad Men is back!

Very excited about the return of Mad Men! See how Chistina Hendricks found a way to keep herself busy during the break.

Thursday, April 4, 201304/04/2013

What sport can Lance Armstrong compete in?

Looks like Lance will not be swimming competitively in Texas. Do you think he should be allowed to compete in sports other than cycling? More info.

Thursday, April 4, 201304/04/2013

Super Bowl is not the most expensive ticket!

Tickets to the Masters are more expensive than the Super Bowl – but the beer is cheaper!

Friday, March 22, 201303/22/2013

Yoko pushes for stronger gun control laws

Yoko pushes for stronger gun control with picture of John’s blood splattered glasses

Recent Headlines

in Music

New Queen album features Michael Jackson collaboration


The track features vocals from late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and the King of Pop.

in Lifestyle

Being a couch potato could cause depression


A new analysis ties too much sitting at the computer or lying around watching TV to a greater risk of depression.

in Weird

Hearses to parade through Hell (Michigan)


Dozens of Michigan hearse enthusiasts will show off their casket-carrying cars this weekend during a parade through Hell.

in Music

Cher hit with $10M discrimination suit


Three backup dancers are suing the legendary performer, saying they were fired for the color of their skin.

in Music

Motown Records founder gets ‘Homecoming’ honor


Berry Gordy has been honored as part of a three-day conference held to call on former Detroiters to help reshape the city's future.