Thursday, January 8, 201501/08/2015

3 O’clock School of Rock – 1/9

In 1974, Led Zeppelin launched their own record label – Swan Song records. The first album released was not a Led Zeppelin album. It was from another now famous rock band. What band had their self-titled debut album released by Swan Song records?


Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

3 O’clock School of Rock – 1/5

On this date in 1985, Robert Plant had a hit on the pop charts with one of his bands – but it wasn’t Led Zeppelin. The band included Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. That band’s name was inspired by the nickname of American blues singer – Roosevelt Sykes. What band with Robert Plant had a top ten hit on the pop charts on this date in 1985?


Tuesday, December 16, 201412/16/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 12/16

Let’s see how well you know your ZZ Top songs! What song from the little ol’ band out of Texas has the line “I don’t worry ‘cause my wallet’s fat”?


Tuesday, December 16, 201412/16/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 12/15

On this date (12/15) in 1994, RICHIE SAMBORA (of Bon Jovi) married a well-known actress that played Amanda Woodward on the hit series Melrose Place. What actress did Richie Sambora marry in 1994? Today would have been their 20th Anniversary.


Monday, December 15, 201412/15/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 12/12

December 12th, 1974, the Rolling Stones lost their guitar player. He suddenly quit the band. The Stones were due to start recording a new album in Munich, and the band was reportedly very angry at him for leaving on such short notice. A couple years ago, this musician admitted that his heroin addiction contributed to his decision to leave the band 40 years ago.

Who left the Rolling Stones in 1974?


Wednesday, November 12, 201411/12/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 11/12

His real name is Saul Hudson. But you know him better by his stage name and as the former lead guitarist for an American rock band that achieved worldwide success in the late 80s and early 90s. This guitarist – one of rock’s best – like to wear a hat when performing. What’s Saul Hudson’s stage name?


Tuesday, November 11, 201411/11/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 11/11

It’s a song that is viewed as an anti-war anthem, criticizing those who support the use of military force without having to pay the costs themselves (financially or by serving in the military). The song, was released during the Vietnam War and is the lyrics are critical of the elite classes – whose sons were unlucky to serve on the front lines. What’s the song?


Friday, November 7, 201411/07/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 11/7

40 years ago today. . . In 1974, “Rolling Stone” magazine reported that TED NUGENT won a NATIONAL ARCHERY CONTEST by picking off what animal at 150 yards?


Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 10/31

There’s always been a wild story about how Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin worshipped the devil. Some Led Zeppelin fans say a particular song is about the band’s alleged “deal with the devil” – stardom in exchange for their souls. The song was inspired by blues singer Blind Willie Johnson who played in the 1920s.

Here are a couple lines from the song…

Devil…he told me to roll

How to roll the log tonight

What’s the song?

Fleetwood Mac

Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014

3 O’clock School of Rock – 11/4

In 1979, Fleetwood Mac recorded their song “Tusk” with a college marching band. What university’s marching band is featured in the Fleetwood Mac song “Tusk”?

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